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The merits of cooking a steak in the dishwasher

Earlier this month, CBS News reporter Michael George made culinary history when he cooked a perfect medium rare steak. In a dishwasher.


That was my initial reaction: “Eww!” Then, I laughed.

My friend Olga found my response scold-worthy.

“What are you laughing at?” she snarled. “Have YOU ever cooked a steak in a dishwasher?”

“No. But, a few years ago, I fried a cassette tape in a VCR.”

“How did it come out?”

“Actually,’ I said, “it didn’t come out. It’s still in the VCR. Stuck. It’s in the basement, if you wanna look at it.”

Mr. George posted footage of his dishwasher adventure on Twitter. And, in case you missed it, there were a few steps involved.