Stay Engaged With Your Customers Regularly: The Top Three E-Mail Programs For Small Businesses

E-Mail Programs For Small Businesses

Most people belong to some kind of mailing list, especially from the companies that they do business with on a regular basis.  These mailing lists keep them informed about special offers and new products, so customers can feel like they are in the know about the company and they have a leg up on other consumers.  To get these mass mailings sent, you need some kind of emailing service, and the internet is full of dozens of choices.  What it boils down to is getting the most from your e-mailing service and maximizing the contact that you have with your customers.

Mail Chimp

For small businesses, Mail Chimp may be your best option.  They are an email creation and mailing service that allows you to design and send emails to thousands of subscribers all at one time.  If your company has less than two thousand subscribers, and you are sending less than twelve thousand emails a month, you can use their service without any charge at all.  Beyond that they have competitive pricing for larger orders and more subscribers that scales the more your company grows.  With Mail Chimp you will be able to send out a professional and attractive mailing to the people on your company’s mailing list, and the quality if the message is such that it is sure to catch their eye.  It integrates well with the other web services that you are currently using, and Mail Chimp is something that you should consider as a partner in your growing business.

Constant Contact

One of the largest and most powerful mass e-mailers in the world is Constant Contact, and they live up to their promise of keeping you in constant contact with your customers.  At Constant Contact you are able to create a full email marketing campaign that will be sent out on the schedule that you design.  What sets Constant Contact apart though, is that it also can integrate with social media.  Now you can use Constant Contact to generate more buzz about your company through sharing features on Facebook and Twitter.  Many of your customers, especially your young customers, are not using email to keep in contact anymore, and the ability to use social media will strengthen your company’s market position.


Where Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are good with blindly sending out mass emails to people on your mailing list or to people that you have targeted for a new marketing campaign, SugarCRM harnesses the power of the contact that you already have with your customers to create a powerful marketing tool.  With SugarCRM you can create mailing lists that include clients who buy similar products or show off new products that are related to things that those customers have purchased before.  SugarCRM integrates your company’s sales data into your mass marketing, and that makes the tool more targeted and more effective than the other emailing options.  When you are ready to use a blind mass email, SugarCRM can help with that as well, and it integrates with your sales staff, so you can track the effectiveness of your campaign and automatically generate sales leads as they come through your site.  Because of the versatility and power of SugarCRM, it stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of email marketing.

Mass email is a part of business in the twenty-first century, and you need your emails to be as effective as possible, otherwise you are wasting your money and your customer’s time.  The right email partner will make your mass mailings attract more customers, drive sales and increase profitability.

I am Susan Summers, and I have been an internet marketer for the last six years.  I use the software CRM giant Sugar CRM has created because of its ability to create a comprehensive targeted marketing strategy and its integration with my other office systems.  I highly recommend SugarCRM to anyone who is starting a business and needs to stay in contact with their customers.