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Ross Mathews kicks off the New Year with easy, delicious recipes

Whether people make resolutions or stay on that healthy eating path, Ross Mathews has teamed with WW to highlight some easy, delicious recipes that everyone will cheer. Even as some people might be toasting with bubbles, the Rosschetta might be the food that they remember long after the clock strikes midnight.

The healthy eating resolution seems to be part of many people’s new year, new you choices. While some people have that old school concept that better for you food choices might be bland or boring, the reality is that fresh, flavorful food is a bounty waiting to be discovered.

One of the components of the WW PersonalPoints Program is finding ways to customize their programs so that healthy eating fits seamlessly into anyone’s lifestyle. Whether it is a daily habit or a special event, there are always options on the table so that no one feels left out.

What is Ross Mathews making that everyone will want to taste?

While he might have once been an intern, Ross Mathews has become a well-known television personality and author. And, like many people, he appreciates that making balanced food choices is a blend of great taste and recipe ease.

As a WW partner, he has shared some fabulous New Year’s Eve ideas that will receive rave reviews from everyone. And, it might be a recipe to keep long after that celebratory event.

According to Mathews, “Before the holiday, I’ll stock up on some fresh produce so I can whip up some fun combinations.” One of those options is his Rosshetta.

Mathews describes the recipe as “a simple appetizer for gathering, just like bruschetta but with a little twist: sweet potato as the base and topped with avocado pico de gallo (yum!!). It’s super flavorful and also happens to incorporate one of my favorites, avocado, which is one of my ZeroPoint foods on the new WW PersonalPoints Program. Your guests will love you for this app, especially during this time of year when health and wellness and resolutions become more top-of-mind!”

Thinking about this recipe, it sets a good mindset for when people re-think the concept of resolutions. Instead of thinking about what people can’t have, it is about reconditioning the concept to adding flavorful food that they can have.

In some ways, that mindset is what Mathew encourages for the New Year. Specifically, Mathews said, “Heading into the New Year, I am grateful; I am happy; and I will always tackle life with gusto! One thing I want people to join me in doing this year is to focus on everything we can ADD to our lives in 2022. Want to start drinking more water every day? Go for it! Want to have a dance party every Wednesday at 5 p.m.? I fully support you.”

From that mid-week dance party to just finding some food swaps to keep healthy eating on track, it is about enjoying a full life. That slant for any resolution is one that most people can appreciate.

Mathews said, “What I have done this year and will continue to add to my life in 2022 is eating as healthy and health-fully as I can, while not feeling like I’m giving up the things I love (enter: WW and my tried and true Rossipes!). What matters is that you have fun and find pleasure in all of life’s moments! Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

Whether the table is full of Rossipes or a new creation of your own, healthy eating can open the door to a whole new experience. Isn’t that concept one that everyone can appreciate for the new year?