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Phoenix restaurants face temporary closures

As the extremely contagious omicron variant of COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world and within Arizona, businesses that were starting to recuperate are getting hit once again.

As many people traveled and gathered with large groups around the holidays, the demand for tests has exploded and the numbers of confirmed cases are expected to continue climbing. This is bad news for restaurants trying to stay open, while operating with thin margins and small teams.

Many are feeling a sense of deja vu as the impacts of the latest COVID-19 wave begin to look eerily similar to the spikes of years past. For some metro Phoenix bars and restaurants, that has meant temporary closures and a returned focus on takeout.

Whether due to staff members getting sick, people at the restaurant being exposed or staff shortages related to the pandemic, restaurants are taking to social media to post about temporary closures. In order to cope, some are promoting takeout in efforts to make some income while keeping everyone safe.