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Freedom a la Carte Cafe offers healthy food for charitable cause

G.A. Benton

“Every day is a fresh start” is a phrase that carries seasonal weight as we careen toward a new year. 

Yes, we’re nearing a period when resolutions are made to shed a different kind of seasonal weight. But the reason I cited the aforementioned, implicitly hopeful, “fresh start” quote is because it’s part of a cheery, but knowingly heartfelt, mural that graces the Downtown building housing a standout operation: Freedom a la Cart Cafe + Bakery, whose premiere in April made a troublesome year a little better. 

Although the “cafe + bakery” is new, Freedom emerged about a decade ago as a food cart (thus a la “Cart”) that raised money for and employed survivors of human trafficking. Freedom’s compassionate mission hasn’t altered, but it’s evolved from a rotating cart and popup eatery with limited fare to a lovely cafe with a compelling selection of creative, delicious and skillfully prepared bakery items, coffee drinks and brunch-style dishes.