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Embracing Healthy Food – BW Healthcare

“Create healthy habits, not restrictions.”

The festive season is incomplete without sweets and chocolates. Relishing traditional delicacies and mouth-watering desserts are what bring life to our festivals. But we also cannot deny the fact that we feel guilty for hampering our diet. We even fear gaining weight. 

So, either we avoid everything or cry the next day. But both the ways are wrong. We need to eat in proportions. We don’t have to punish our souls by restricting ourselves from our favorite cuisines.

The festive season is around the corner and we need to understand the importance of mindful eating. It is the best time of the year when you spend beautiful moments with your loved ones. So, don’t hold back and enjoy desserts. Just be careful of your choices.

There are some tips that we need to swear by ahead of this festive season. Let’s look at these tips.

Don’t skip your meals

Some people believe that eating less will make them lose weight, but that is partially correct. Eating less or skipping your meals will surely make you lose some weight but in long run, it can cause severe health issues. Just be a little smart.

For instance, this festive season, don’t fear sugar rather be mindful of what you put on your plate. The best way to enjoy deserts is by making them at your home.

Avoid anything oily

Oil is extremely bad for your health. You need to eliminate it from your diet. But if you still can not stop yourself from indulging in fried pakoras and samosas, then fry them in traditional oil rather than processed oil. Don’t reuse the oil. If you will follow these steps, then you can enjoy fried foods that are too guilt-free.

Adapt post-celebration rituals

Once you are done with all the celebrations, don’t forget to have a glass of warm water just before going to bed. This will help you in case you are feeling bloated or uneasy. So, you need to abide by this ritual.

The festive season is all about parties at our workplace. We just can not avoid these parties, not the delicious sweets. But we can opt for snacks that are tasty and healthy. Every office today has vending machines installed in it that dispense healthy snacks that you all can enjoy without worrying about weight gain or calories.

Being the owner of your company you can stock your vending machines with healthy and nutritious snacks. You can endorse a healthy lifestyle through these snacks.

Let’s have a look at these healthy snacks that can be stocked in the vending machines.

1. Fruits

Dried fruits are best for festivals. They are a great sweet treat for all during a Diwali party. They are the perfect snack that gives us the power to deal with hectic office days. As they have natural sugar in them, they are the perfect option for a healthy snack.

2. Nutritional bars

These bars come under two categories- breakfast bars and protein bars. Some bars are high on calories and can be taken as a meal while others are low in calories and can be taken as a snack. These bars are the perfect blend of taste and nutrition.

3. Green tea

Green tea is extremely good for your health. It increases your metabolism as well. It has many health benefits and natural sweetness. You can also have sugar-free tea and coffee in fresh healthy vending machines.

4. Cereals and granola bars

These are best as between meals snacks. If you are hungry and want to eat something delicious without worrying about calories, then these bars are apt for you. They are low in calories and won’t let you put on weight.

5. Cookies

People have this perception that cookies are not healthy. But they are completely wrong. Cookies are a perfect amalgamation of fruits and fiber and that too at only 190 calories. These cookies will boost your energy level instantly.


According to a survey by Habbit, “Indians are looking to prioritize eating healthy to improve their physical and mental habits.” Over 70 per cent of the participants said that they will focus on improving their overall health and immunity. Today people have turned health conscious and they want to taste with nutrition.