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Dreamfarm Kitchen Products Are Fun And Functional

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Cooking isn’t always easy. If you’re an amateur home chef, you’re likely always on the hunt for new gadgets to simplify your time in the kitchen.

Meet Dreamfarm, an Australian cooking brand that makes housewares and kitchen gadgets that look like something out of a dream. These aren’t your grandma’s wooden spoons or hand-me-down pot and pans—Dreamfarm makes innovative cooking tools that are equal parts fun and functional. Unlike some gadgets that are either way too trendy or can only be used on rare occasions, Dreamfarm products are designed for everyday use. Its line of products are tools you recognize in everyday cooking, just with a twist to up your home-chef game even more.

Take the Scizza ($30), for example. Like the name suggests, it’s pizza scissors, crafted to make slicing your next pie a piece of cake. Its not a pizza cutter, nor is it scissors—it’s something entirely unique that actually makes cutting the pizza crust and serving easier.

Or the Levups ($20), which are self-scraping measuring cups. Rather than scraping off flour or sugar with the edge of your knife, Levups have a built-in scraper to do it for you, giving you one less step to do while you cook. It’s the little things, you know?

Whipping up breakfast, lunch, and dinner jus got a whole lot easier (and way more fun, TBH). Shop Dreamfarm’s whimsical kitchen products below, designed to make cooking a total dream.

7 Dreamfarm gadgets you didn’t know you needed


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Clongs — $25.00

Dreamfarm Clongs really are as fun as they sound. The name comes from “click-lock tongs” which doesn’t sound too unique. However, thanks to the bend in the arms, these sit above you work counter so it actually stays clean. No more dribbling or laying down clean tongs on a dirty counter—they hover above your counter making clean-up that much easier.

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Spina In-Sink Salad Spinner — $30.00

A colander that turns into a salad spinner?! Who would have thought! With the nonslip handle down, this basket serves as a colander perfect for draining everything from noodles to salad greens. With the handle up, it serves as a salad spinner, rinsing your greens and keeping everything in your basket.

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Chopula — $13.00

Like the name suggests, the chopula is great for all-things chopping. Since it’s a spatula, it’s also great for flipping, turning, and scraping. But the slim, tough design is crafted to make chopping especially easy, while keeping your hands out of the heat.

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Smood Potato Masher — $30.00

Smooth, fluffy mashed potatoes are no match for this masher. The collapsible spring coils makes for easy mashing without a ton of impact on your joints. And it’s not just for potatoes—guac, squash, pumpkin can all be mashed with this handy tool, too.

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Ortwo Pepper Grinder — $45.00

Want fresh ground pepper in a pinch? This is the tool for you. Unlike most grinders, it can be used with one hand, allowing you to season meat, veggies, and pasta in seconds. Each tool features sharp grinder that adjust from fine to coarse, too, giving you total control over your seasoning skills.

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Fledge Bamboo Cutting Board — $20.00

Meet the coolest cutting board, ever. The Fledge is designed with simplicity in-mind, crafted with pop-up edges that keep food in and contained during transport. The edges also serve as troughs to catch excess fluids and juices from spilling over the edge. If you need a new cutting board, definitely give this one a go.

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Set of the Best 5-Piece Utensil Set — $60.00

Cant decide which Dreamfarm gadgets to buy? Stock up with five of its best-sellers instead with this handy set. Each kit comes with five Dreamfarm favorites, including the Chopula, Supoon (for scraping edges), Spadle (which transforms from deep to shallow depending on your needs) the Holey Spadle (for drainage) and the Mini Supoon.

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