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Downtown Jeffersonville restaurant to feature bocce ball, healthy food | News

JEFFERSONVILLE — A new eatery will offer both games and healthy food as Union Restaurant & GameYard expands in downtown Jeffersonville.

A new restaurant called BocceBowl will open next month at 125 W. Chestnut St. The space was previously home to That’s My Dog, which closed its brick and mortar location this summer to focus solely on its food truck.

Southern Hospitality Group opened Union Restaurant & GameYard last September, and co-owner Bobby Bass is joining operating partner Levi Donaldson to open BocceBowl.

As the name indicates, BocceBowl will feature bocce ball courts, which will be open for Union Restaurant & GameYard patrons this week or next.

“We didn’t want to stray too far from the theme of the business, because the game yard has been so popular, but we didn’t want to duplicate what we were already doing,” Bass said.

Chef Alex Mikel is developing the menu, which will be completely different from the neighboring Union Restaurant & GameYard. BocceBowl will include customizable bowls featuring a base of rice, quinoa or greens topped with a variety of fresh toppings, dressings and sauces.

The menu will also feature blueberry acai smoothie bowls and grab-and-go options. Bass describes the food as “lots of fun, colorful, healthy items with good, bold flavors.”

“We thought it would be a nice contrast to the food we serve at Union,” Bass said.

Donaldson said BocceBowl offers a “healthy, quick-fire opportunity” for meals in downtown Jeffersonville, noting the proximity to the Big Four Bridge.

“With so many people walking across the Big Four Bridge, people might look at it two different ways,” he said. “Some are like, we burned a bunch of calories, and we earned this meal over at Union.”

“Then there are those who live a healthy lifestyle and want to continue that by eating at BocceBowl, and we provide for both experiences.”

Like Union Restaurant & GameYard, BocceBowl will include both indoor and outdoor dining. Orders can be made online or in the store at the quick-service restaurant.

The adjoining GameYard will be available to patrons of BocceBowl.

Bass said Southern Hospitality Group is focused on providing concepts that are new to a particular market, whether it is MESA, A Collaborative Kitchen in downtown New Albany, or Fresco Tea Bar in New Albany and Jeffersonville.

“We try to stay focused on creating something completely unique, which gives people more reasons to come give us a try,” he said.

Starting in November, BocceBowl will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.