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Corn chowder and masala chai

Chilly winter months are the perfect time for cozy and comforting meals, which is why I’m dishing out two recipes that’ll warm your soul. First, a rich and creamy corn chowder filled with slurp-worthy deliciousness. Next, a masala chai that will infuse your kitchen with feel-good smells and your palate with soothing tranquility.

Joy Bauer

Calling all chowder lovers! This version packs all the restaurant feels, but it’s made with lighter ingredients and simpler instructions. This bowl of wholesome scrumptiousness is like summer sunshine. Since corn isn’t in season in the winter months, I like to use canned corn for ease — and also because it enables me to incorporate the flavorful corn broth that’s typically left behind. But if you have fresh or frozen corn on hand, you can easily swap that in and simply add 1½ cups of additional broth.

A few notes on the potatoes: I typically use small red potatoes and leave the skin on; it provides fiber and pretty red specs throughout. But you can certainly use any type of potato you’d like, and peel off the skin. Also, you can follow my directions and remove 3/4 of the potato pieces before pureeing (this way, some potato gets pureed into the soup, but you’ll still have chunks of potato in your soup bowl) or leave all the potato pieces in the pot and puree them right into the soup. We love it both ways in the Bauer house!

Get the recipe here.

Joy Bauer

My oh my, I love chai! Subtly sweet and full of warming spices, it always hits the spot, especially on cold winter days. Originating in South Asia, masala chai has become a household favorite in the U.S. and across the globe. I load my rendition of chai with traditional spices, including cardamom, peppercorn, cinnamon, ginger, plus a pinch of fennel seeds and optional nutmeg. The spices are simmered to perfection in water and black tea, then blended with milk, vanilla and honey for heavenly sipping. Because this specialty beverage is more involved than steeping tea from a tea bag, I prefer to make a big batch upfront to stash in the fridge. Then, when a craving strikes, I simply pour some in a mug and heat it up in the microwave. Feel free to use whatever milk or sweetener you prefer — and you can customize each spice to your preference, but this recipe offers a solid starting point.

For more tasty recipes, check out Joy’s cookbook “Joy Bauer’s Superfood!” and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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